What So Special About Dan's Brick Oven Bread?

Like the village baker of old, one person, who you know by name, is completely responsible for every loaf

All the relevant natural food buzzwords apply—simple, artisan, local, organic, sustainable, prebiotic, etc.

Dan bakes one thing: a European style, naturally leavened whole grain sourdough known as Desem

Organic whole grain wheat flour, solar-evaporated sea salt and water are the only ingredients

Less than 200 loaves are produced in small batches each week

All of the flour is freshly milled the day before using organic wheat berries from farms in MA and VT  

It's baked in a custom-built brick oven fired by scrap pine and hemlock slab from his neighbor's sawmill

Because it's naturally fermented, it has a distinctive flavor and is also nutritious and easily digestable